Severing Ties with Mold

Mold infestation wreaks havoc for any property owner, but for a business promoting healthcare, the affects can be debilitating. The Health Network is run by a self-employed woman named Lucy Price. Price runs the office out of downtown Atlanta, servicing those with questions about healthcare coverage and practitioners in the area.

When Price first suspected the presence of mold, she quickly began researching options for                                    Atlanta mold removal services. Ultimately, positive reviews and statistics led Price to Atlanta Mold and Cleaning.

Atlanta Mold and Cleaning is a fairly new company, founded by Parnell Hall who hoped to reduce cases of mold in the state of Georgia, which is prone to extreme, and sometimes toxic mold due to humid conditions. With his previous experience in the industry, Hall’s company has quickly earned itself a reputation of reliability and effectiveness. The company has developed a strategy for handling mold infestation, that includes inspection and testing, remediation, and post remediation services.

Atlanta Mold & Cleaning first conducted a visual inspection of both rooms of the premises; since the property is so small, it is found that the air conditioning system has transmitted spores throughout the property. After conducting lab analysis of gathered samples, all contaminated objects are put through a High-Efficiency Particulate Air vacuuming process.

They are then cleansed with mold inhibiters under negative air pressure. Finally, mold growth is cleaned and sanded off of all surfaces. When the remediation process is finished, the drying, filtering and fumigating begins in preparation for the final inspection.

The final inspection establishes that all previously affected areas are free of contamination, and that fungicidal sealant has been sprayed. New samples are sent for analysis to ensure that there are no traces of harmful residue remaining. The inspection also outlines any circumstances that may cause future outbreaks, and the best ways to avoid them.

With an official certificate of clearance displayed on her door, Lucy Price is ready to reopen her business to the public. With open communication at each step of the remediation process, she is confident of the job Atlanta Mold and Cleaning has done.